(Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers)

Who's Psyched For Two Feet Of Snow? - Julie Devereaux

From the weather maps I've seen it looks like most of the snow will fall in western Mass. and guess who's set up there for fun in the snow? Yep! Wachusett Mountain and Nashoba, too! The skiing and boarding are gonna be awesome over the next couple of days!

Speaking of skiing and boarding, did you catch this video from Colorado? Can you even imagine this scenario? A freakin' moose can run up to 35 mph!

FYI, they advise getting and staying as far away as possible if you encounter any wild life on the trail. Duh!

Moose sprints right behind skiers at Breckenridge

Cher Luther was snowboarding down a run on Friday (3/10/17) without a care in the world, until a moose came charging from behind. Parks and Wildlife says if you see a moose while skiing, get as far away as possible. They can seriously hurt or kill you.