(Photo by Derek Berwin/Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Boston Storms Comparison, Then and Now-Jaybeau

If you're like me on a day like today I think back to when I was kid and how excited we became when they closed school. We had no idea what the adults had to do to prepare for the storm to keep us safe. It was all fun to us. So as I drove in today and saw all of the hard working police and snow plow drivers keeping us safe, I thought about snow storms, then and now:

Don Kent, Bruce Schwoegler, Dick Albert
Call Mom to check in
Watch News on TV
Call Family, Update them on storm
Take pic of snow amount
Make Pie
Blizzard Of '78
Channel 4,5,7
Shelby Scott
Go to work, leave early
Prepare reasonably
Believe hype
Radio Cancellations
Chains on rear tires
Tom Ellis On WBZ
Sheeri, Cindy, Danielle
Mom texts family
News on Phone
Tweet Update
Post pic of snow
Post Pie pic
Facebook Complain
Weather Channel
Jim Cantori
Work from home
Over prepare
Laugh at hype
Cancel Yourself
All Wheel Drive
On Demand