Video: Celebrating Brad Delp - Julie Devereaux

He's been called the "nicest guy in rock and roll" (read: HERE).

He sang all of the vocals on Boston's first three albums.

He was a big Beatles fan. He was there when they played Suffolk Downs in 1966. He jumped the fence and even got Beatles roadie Mal Evans' autograph.

He remembered where he was the first time he heard "Strawberry Fields Forever":

"in a parking lot at his high school in Danvers"

He sang in a Beatles tribute band called Beatlejuice that he and drummer John Muzzy formed in the mid '90's.

Brad Delp added his voice and positive vibration to the world and if you haven't seen this yet, please....enjoy.

Remembering Brad Delp

A locally produced documentary on Brad Delp of the band Boston and his New England renowned band " Beatle Juice " . The video contains insight from local musicians, friends, fiance' and his childrens former music teachers. Performances included were recorded at Salem High School's Seifert Auditorium in Salem, NH in the mid 90's.