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Live Like Wally, Eat Like Brady-Jaybeau

We have another fun way you can live your life. First, we can Live Like Wally and win exotic vacations from WROR.

But look what I found. Now we can Eat Like Brady. Our pal Tom Brady is working with a Boston based company to provide healthy meals that are high in protein, free of gluten and dairy, and low in processed sugar. These meals would be a typical nightly dinner that Tom would eat each night to stay on top of his game.

Sorry, Giselle not included-.

Tom Brady Meal Kits Let Fans Eat Like the Super Bowl Champ

Tom Brady's legendary football skills aren't available in stores, but the New England Patriots quarterback is now offering fans the chance to get Super Bowl-caliber meals delivered to their doors - for a price. The 39-year-old quarterback is working with Purple Carrot, a Boston plant-based food startup, on a new line of Brady-approved meal kits, the partners announced Tuesday.