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A Couple We Lost On This Day In Music History - Julie Devereaux

Norman "Hurricane" Smith, engineer for the Beatles, producer for Pink Floyd and Pretty Things, also had his own, later in life music careerHere's a clip from the Johnny Carson show (classic '70's television!).

I remember this song but would have never been able to recall who did it.

In 2007 Norman Smith released his autobiography, John Lennon Called Me Normal.

He passed away the following year, March 3rd, at 85.

Hurricane Smith - "Oh Babe, What Would You Say?"

Never saw a proper music video or lip-synch for this song, and that's a shame. I like this performance, though I'd prefer the ballroom dance feel of the original hit version to this Dixieland-flavored version. Hey, I like what I like...

On March 3, 2012 we lost guitar legend Ronnie Montrose.

I remember as a kid, hearing Montrose and wondering "Who in the hell is that!". Isn't it just the best when you hear a badass song and you find yourself on the hunt for information on the artist?

As I discovered in my research, I'd been listening to Ronnie Montrose and his guitar and had not even known it on a bunch of my Van Morrison albums. He'd also worked with Boz Scaggs, Edgar Winter and many, many others.

Here's where I first heard him:

Montrose - Space Station #5

band: Montrose song: Space Station #5 album: Montrose (1973) band: Sam Hagar - lead vocals Ronnie Montrose - guitar Bill Church - bass Denny Carmassi - drums Space Station #5 Start with a Sun and move on out The future's in the skies above. The Heavens unfold and a new star is born.

And here's the last I heard of him:

Ronnie Montrose Death Ruled a Suicide

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Now, I'm in no position to advise or counsel anyone for anything but I just wanna say, we can never know what's really going on inside of someone's head and heart so I want to leave this number in the hopes that if you or someone you know needs it, you or they will have it.....because it sucks to lose someone you love, however they go out. That's a pain none of us enjoys.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255  or just click HERE.