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Can Steve Martin Teach Me To Be Funnier? Jaybeau

While I get paid to entertain, you can never let your exceptional comedic skills get rusty.

I actually did stand-up comedy with the likes of Boston star comedic talent Jimmy Tingle. I was the "comic" host during a comedy night in Providence where Jimmy was the headliner. He was hysterical! (If you see Jimmy and ask him about the night I hosted the event, he may seem like he has no idea what your talking about and keep walking. He's such a kidder that way.)

If you're wondering how I fared as a professional stand-up comic, listen to me afternoons on WROR as a DEE-JAY. But I will admit I did have some good moments.

*I won two Late Show With David Letterman On-line Top Ten Contests. They sent me a Late Show t-shirt.

*I have had two of my jokes on one popular talk show over the last two years

It's alot of pressure to put yourself out there night after night waiting for the instant feedback. It's much safer attempting humor into a microphone in a studio all by yourself talking to thousands each day. My dream was NOT to be on SNL. My dream WAS to be on the air every day with my focus on being funny on the radio. My comedic heroes are David Letterman, Johnny Carson, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, George Carlin, Conan O'Brien,  Eddie Murphy, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and of course Steve Martin.  I think Ellen is a brilliant stand up comic. I also love our local heroes, Lenny Clark and Tony V when they come on Loren and Wally. I think Jimmy Fallon is very talented. But I think he goes for the easy joke because his young audience will accept it. I wonder how his "man-boy" style will work in a few years when he hits 50? But he's so good I'm sure he'll be around for years. I really liked the 1980's Bill Marr when he was funny.  Today's Bill is too political and needs someone to say "Bill, you're a little too scared. Want a hug?"

Imagine how interested I was when I saw that comic legend Steve Martin is offering lessons in comedy on-line. It's worth the $91 bucks. I guess the bigger question is: Why does Steve Martin need $91 bucks? (Before you watch, move the kids out of the room.)

MasterClass | Steve Martin Teaches Comedy

Learn from the legendary comic in his first-ever online class.