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Drivers-Read This To Save Your Life-Jaybeau

Forgive me for the drama. But if you commute each day you need to read this.

My brother Paul is a trucker. I speak to him almost every day. He runs a trucking business and drives an eighteen-wheeler daily. He's a fantastic driver making sure he's up to speed on the latest safety regulations, which are there are many to protect us on the road.

While driving on the Pike today, a person driving a compact car CUT out in front of Paul's truck without looking, almost causing a catastrophe. Paul's truck was loaded with a 45,000 pound load. He hit the brakes and swerved out of the way, barely missing the car. If Paul's truck hit the driver, it would have been over for the driver and perhaps Paul and others.

What some may not know is that when trucks are loaded with a heavy payload and traveling at high speeds, it's impossible for a fast stop, or to slow down fast at that speed. They are like a train. At fifty five miles per hour it takes at least six seconds and 512 feet to come to a full stop, if the road is dry and the truck has proper, working breaks. Most modern trucks have a governor that regulates the truck to go no faster than 68-70 miles per hour. So it takes even longer to slow down or come to a stop.

So if you cut off a truck, and it's close, the driver MAY NOT be able to stop.

If you a traveling near a truck this tips could save a life, maybe yours:

  1. Keep as much distance as possible
  2. If you are passing a truck going downhill, make sure you give ample distance and keep moving far ahead if you plan to enter the trucks lane after you pass.
  3. DON'T pass a truck at high speeds just to cut in front to make your exit if you're in the wrong lane.  It could cost you your life.  Take the next exit and backtrack. Plan ahead and know the road you're on.