Tom Brady Has Motivated Hank Back Into The Gym!

I know you've heard and seen it before, but I am back at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Woburn, in my quest for health and fitness!

I'm sort of like the kid who never really learned to ride his bike. I've done it, know what to do and how to do it, but don't always do it correctly and I fall off. Mike Boyle and his staff are known around the world as the best in the business and they are! They can't, however, control what I put into my body. Like Mike says, "You can't outwork a bad diet"!

So, I had a bit of a revelation watching Tom Brady and the Patriots during their run to their fifth Super Bowl Championship! At 39 year old, Tom Terrific had of the finest seasons in his storied career. He has defied the odds and mother nature. How? He treats his body like a temple and doesn't waver! Why? He loves football more than anything besides his family. Feeding it the proper way and doing everything it takes to maximize it's capabilities has become his mantra.

I decided to be like Tom Brady! I've lost and gained weight multiple times. After doing a lot of research and being really honest with myself, I decided to go all. I'm only eating things that benefit my health. I had developed some food allergies (milk) and gluten sensitivity. When I combined those things with my carbohydrate addiction and looked on line, I found something called "Leaky Gut Syndrome"! Certain foods like, sugar and refined carbs, grains and dairy, can cause permiations in the digestive system. Then, instead of being digested, those foods enter the blood stream and don't get filtered. It becomes a never ending cycle, until you fix it. I'm trying to fix it!

After about a month of eating the foods that help repair "leaky gut syndrome" by replenishing the good bacteria in my digestive system, I feel SO MUCH BETTER! The cold like symptoms from the milk allergy are gone and the acid reflux I had from all the bad food I was eating has disappeared. I've also lost weight. I am eating kefir, kale, low sugar fruits, most vegetables, fermented foods and other healthy things. I don't love them all, but some I mix them into shakes and smoothies and "hide the taste", but reap the benefit. I've actually enjoyed eating some of the foods I resisted for so long. In the past, I would eat really well for a stretch, but then sabotage myself with a binge. All that sugar would then "undo" any of the digestive healing that I'd done.

Mike Boyle

Ken Whittier Mike says, food is 80-90 percent of weight loss and working out is the other 10-20 percent that acts like the ball peen hammer. You don't knock down a big wall with one swing of a sledgehammer. You keep chipping away at it and eventually you'll conquer it.

I'm been back working out at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and have been working with Ken Whittier, one of Mike's top trainers, who works with professional, college and high school athletes. He also works with average people just looking to get healthier! Ken, like Mike, approaches everyone individually. My goal of improving my health is just as important as the pro baseball player chasing a multi million dollar contract!

Check out the pictures and videos, below, to see what I am doing and follow my progress!





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