My Favorite Outdoor Patio-Jaybeau

Well, it hit 70 degrees today in Boston!! Isn't it amazing how our attitude changes with the season? Two of my favorite outdoor patio hang-outs is Devlin's in Brighton. I also love Sullivan's. 

I saw that Sullivan's opened early for their 66th season.

This weekend I plan to have a hot dog for each one.

The 52 Best Outdoor Dining Spots in Boston

A great patio can overcome anything: mediocre service, an obnoxious guest at a neighboring table...the list is endless. In Boston, however, dining outside requires no compromising. Whether you're looking for a verdant terrace plucked out of a fairy tale, or a lively beer garden with bocce courts, here's our list of 52 top spots to spend your sultry summer days (or nights).