Dont Do This To Your Wife Part II-Jaybeau

I'm back with another unbelievable story of ChristMISFORTUNE at the Jones house this past holiday.

If you missed my first epic fail see the Game of Thrones mishap here.

Flashback to Christmas morning, I was so happy to have Heidi open gift #2. She had asked me to buy her favorite perfume, JOVAN, you know, the Charlize Theron brand. You know that one right? WRONG.

On my journey to make my wife happy, my first stop was Macys. The Macy's rep, quickly replied: "We don't carry that. You can get that at RITE AID." 

What......? Well I continued at the mall when I stumbled on a kiosk that sold perfume.

I asked the young man "do you have Jovan....for women?" He proudly said..."we sure do!" He energetically reached to the WAAAYYY back of the counter and handed me a not very attractive ORANGE RUST colored box that represented the 1990's at best. It was called Jovan: MUSK. 

Something felt very wrong, but Heidi said JOVAN. Flash forward to Christmas morning I now have a knot in my stomach from my first failed attempt at perfection from gift #1's epic fail: Click here to read

Heidi opens gift #2. I happily say...."'s what you wanted!........JOVAN!"

I count....1 2...3.....ZERO REACTION FROM HEIDI.....I now start to sweat feeling like the sword curse of 2016 is about fall on me. I'm a nice guy, try hard to be a nice person..why..WHY WHY...!!!

She say's "ah....what's this? "I said...JOVAN." She "said....the bottle is supposed to be shaped like a genie bottle. Remember I showed you on our CRUISE?" Now, totally deflated I say "I DO NOT REMEMBER...and for the SECOND TIME TODAY I'm SORRY."

Then she remembers that SHE MADE THE MISTAKE. The name of the perfume is J'adore.

I thought Jovan was oddly inexpensive.