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Happy Birthday Artist Joni Mitchell - Julie Devereaux

All those interesting Joni Mitchell guitar tunings? Courtesy of her contracting polio:

From Wikipedia:

"Mitchell wanted to play the guitar. As her mother disapproved of its hillbilly associations,[20] she settled initially for the ukulele. Eventually she taught herself guitar from a Pete Seeger songbook,[21] but the polio had affected her fingers, and she had to devise dozens of alternative tunings of her own. Later this improvised approach was "a tool to break free of standard approaches to harmony and structure."

Bob Dylan might be freewheelin' but Joni Mitchell is free thinking. I didn't have the same appreciation for Joni when I was younger as I do now. I knew she was extremely talented and there are many songs of hers that I loved then and still do. But I don't think I understood the genius of what went into crafting them. I'm sure I still don't. I remember reading Graham Nash's book, Wild Tales: A Rock And Roll Life, and him recounting how accomplished she was and how she taught him alternate tuning.

Happy birthday to an artist in every sense of the word.

Take a look at her stunning visual art HERE.

And here's a couple of my favorite songs of hers:


I am in awe of the emotion this song evokes..each comment means so much to me..yes, we all share a common bond and great connection of our hearts...everyones pain is the same...each experience so unique to us...such a great classic Joni Mitchell gift What an honour it is for me to have the opportunity to express my vision for just one of Joni Mitchell's great classics...this is one of those tunes that touches those places in the heart...as so many of Joni's music has done through the years.

Joni Mitchell - Car on a Hill

Joni Mitchell Song: Car on a Hill Album: Court and Spark (1974)