Liner Notes (July 21st)

Joe Perry, Keith Richards and Elton John make up the July 21st installment of "Liner Notes."  Enjoy!


Update On Joe Perry…

While we still haven’t received confirmation on what exactly happened to Joe Perry backstage at The Hollywood Vampires July 10th show, a source close to the guitarist says his collapse was due to “a combination of dehydration and exhaustion.”  The Vampires have continued to tour without Perry, but here’s hoping he’ll be back on stage soon.


Keith Richards on the future of The Rolling Stones

Sounds like The Rolling Stones are going to stick together until the literal very end.

In a recent interview, Keith Richards said, “They’re not really bands if they don’t last; they’re groups. We’re a band and a real band sticks until it dies. These bands, they become big, but they’re generational, just for their one decade. They literally go when their testosterone goes.”

Obviously, Mick Jagger still has his testosterone, if you know what we mean.  (Wink-wink.)

Elton John’s Latest Charity Efforts

Few artists are as philanthropic as Sir Elton John, and with his latest effort, he’s going big.

Per The Guardian, John is pledging millions of dollars from his Elton John AIDS Foundation to go toward a new $10 million fund set up by President Barack Obama to aid LGBT community in Africa.  Go Elton!



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