ICYMI: DLR Posts “No Holds Bar-B-Que” Video To YouTube, Head Scratching Ensues

Van Halen's David Lee Roth has exhumed a notorious bit of his past and posted it online.

Roth has posted his arty film "No Holds Bar-B-Que," which first surfaced during 2002, in its entirety on his YouTube channel. The film was never officially released though some copies were circulated on VHS to media and has been bootlegged over the years. In addition to its avant garde, impressionistic footage it also features Roth's cover of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street."

Back when it first came out Roth described the film as "a variety of ingredients...Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis,' Soupy Sales, Groucho (Marx), Kurosawa, Hugh Hefner and on and on. But I've woven it together in a form that I think is much more appropriate for our national attention-deficit syndrome...I tried to create a different type of television -- it's not really a show and it's not really a biography. There's a lot of show-and-tell in there. I'm not really sure what it is. Perhaps that makes it pure. Like Picasso said, it's bound to go over some people's heads."

There's no word on whether Roth plans to release "No Holds Bar-B-Que" commercially.

Van Halen is currently on hiatus; Roth has said that he expects the band to record another album and tour again, though he did not specify a time frame for either.

David Lee Roth's No Holds Bar-B-Que

For the first time the complete version performed in tact from beginning to end.


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