Liner Notes (June 22nd)

Videos from Def Leppard and Neil Young make up the June 22nd installment of “Liner Notes.”  Rock on!

WATCH:  Def Leppard’s New Video For “Man Enough”

If you still haven’t picked up the new self-titled album from Def Leppard, perhaps the video for “Man Enough” (a great song, BTW) might change your mind.

DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video)

On U.S.


Neil Young Duets With Himself…Sort Of

Gotta love Jimmy Fallon’s impressions!  Following success of “Two James Taylors On A Seesaw,” The Tonight Show host went back to similar well for “Two Neil Youngs On A Tree Stump.”  It’s pretty funny, but not as funny as Fallon’s Neil Young singing Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy” with the help of Crosby, Stills & Young.

Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump

Two Neil Youngs sing "Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump." Pre-order Neil Young's album EARTH now: One guy sitting on a tree stump Thinkin' bout life and the changin' seasons Whilin' away the hours of the day Till the morning comes One guy sitting on a tree stump Sittin' all alone in the noonday sun Lookin' for the shade of yesterday, But it's all gone Two Neil Youngs on a tree stump Where did the other Neil come from?



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