Liner Notes (May 12th)

Def Leppard, Eric Clapton and Fleetwood Mac make up the May 12th edition of "Liner Notes."  Enjoy!


Def Leppard Meets Deaf Leopards

It all went down before Def Leppard’s show in Little Rock last night!  Finally, after a successful online petition, Def Leppard met with the Arkansas School of the Deaf, whose mascot is the Leopard.  Get it?!  They’re the Deaf Leopards!

Def Leppard on Twitter

Arkansas' Deaf Leopards - Thanks for coming out to the show!



DVR ALERT:  New Eric Clapton Special Airing May 20th

In support of Eric Clapton’s new album I Still Do, which comes out May 20th, a new TV special titled  I Still Do: An Intimate Discussion About Rock, The Blues and Shepherd’s Pie will air that night on VH1 Classic at 8 PM and MTV Live at 9 PM.



Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage Getting Deluxe Reissue Treatment

Lastly, July 29th will see the reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 album Mirage, which followed up 1979’s Tusk.  The reissue will be released in three formats:  Deluxe (3CDs, DVD and LP, plus b-sides and rarities), 2CD set (Original album plus b-sides and rarities) and as a single remastered CD.  Check out a track listing of the deluxe edition below!

Disc One: Original Album - 2016 Remaster         
1.    "Love In Store"
2.    "Can't Go Back"
3.    "That's Alright"
4.    "Book Of Love"
5.    "Gypsy"
6.    "Only Over You"
7.    "Empire State"
8.    "Straight Back"
9.    "Hold Me"
10.  "Oh Diane"
11.  "Eyes Of The World"
12.  "Wish You Were Here"
Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions
1.    "Love In Store" (Early Version)*
2.    "Suma's Walk" AKA "Can't Go Back" (Outtake)*
3.    "That's Alright" (Alternate Take)*
4.    "Book Of Love" (Early Version)*
5.    "Gypsy" (Early Version)*
6.    "Only Over You" (Alternate Version)*
7.    "Empire State" (Early Version)*
8.    "If You Were My Love" (Outtake)*
9.    "Hold Me" (Early Version)*
10.  "Oh Diane" (Early Version)*
11.  "Smile At You" (Outtake)*
12.  "Goodbye Angel" (Original Outtake)*
13.  "Eyes Of The World" (Alternate Early Version)*
14.  "Wish You Were Here" (Alternate Version)*
15.  "Cool Water"
16.  "Gypsy" (Video Version)
17.  "Put A Candle In The Window" (Run-Through)*
18.  "Teen Beat" (Outtake)*
19.  "Blue Monday" (Jam)**Previously Unissued


Disc Three: Mirage Live 1982

1.  "The Chain"
2.  "Gypsy"
3.  "Love In Store"
4.  "Not That Funny"
5.  "You Make Loving Fun"
6.  "I'm So Afraid"
7.  "Blue Letter"
8.    "Rhiannon"
9.    "Tusk"
10.  "Eyes Of The World"
11.  "Go Your Own Way"
12.  "Sisters Of The Moon"
13.  "Songbird"

Disc Four: 5.1 Surround Mix & 24/96 Stereo Audio of Original Album (DVD)

Mirage (Vinyl)
Side One
1.  "Love In Store"
2.  "Can't Go Back"
3.  "That's Alright"
4.  "Book Of Love"
5.  "Gypsy"
6.  "Only Over You
Side Two
1.  "Empire State"
2.  "Straight Back"
3.  "Hold Me"
4.  "Oh Diane"
5.  "Eyes Of The World"
6.  "Wish You Were Here"