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Read: Is The Graham Nash, David Crosby Bromance Over? - Julie Devereaux

Say it ain't so! After nearly fifty years of dust ups, who would have thought GRAHAM NASH and DAVID CROSBY would drop the final straw on the back of CSN(&Y)? Neil Young? That's a given. Steven Stills? Sure. But Crosby and Nash? They've been the soul that's held those often splintered pieces together.

Graham doesn't go into too much detail but it's VERY clear Crosby said or did something to damage their nearly life long relationship. And wasn't Neil Young recently upset with Crosby, too? You'd think these guys would be mellowing at this point in their lives.

Here's hoping they eventually get things resolved or their next album will be called "Grumpy Old Men: Deja Vu All Over Again" by CSNY&FU.