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Coolest Items Up For Bid At Julien’s “Icons And Idols Rock N’ Roll” Auction

It seems like a different rock auction takes place every week, but the upcoming “Icons And Idols Rock N’ Roll” event taking place at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills this Saturday (November 7th) has some of the most unique pieces of memorabilia up for grabs in recent memory.

Here’s a few of our favorite items heading for the auction block:

Elvis Presley’s 24K Gold Leaf Grand Piano and Book – There are a bunch of pieces of Elvis memorabilia up for grabs, some unique (like an American Express application) and some in poor taste (like old prescription pill bottles.)  However, the grandest item available is the King’s gold piano.  Estimated price between $500,000-750,000.

Dean Martin’s 14K Gold Money Clip – This simple, elegant accessory features the NBC logo on the front and Martin’s name engraved on the back.  The money clip is expected to sell for between $600-800, which, believe it or not, makes it one of the more reasonably affordable items available.

Jimi Hendrix’s Pink Paisley Scarf – According to legend, Hendrix used to put hits of acid in the scarf he’d wear around his forehead so it would seem into his pores.  There’s no confirmation whether this scarf was used this way, but at the estimated price of $6,000-8,000, it’s definitely a hefty asking price for a piece of 27” x 27” piece of silk.

Lock of John Lennon’s Hair – As far as “getting a piece of an artist” is concerned, it doesn’t get more literal than a lock of the late Lennon’s hair.  The hair is taped to note that reads “Love from ‘Bald’ John Lennon xxx” along with a ticket stub from a Beatles show that took place August 24, 1963.  Estimated auction price?  Between $20,000-30,000.

Ringo Starr/Beatles Drumhead from performance on The Ed Sullivan ShowThe Beatles’ February 9, 1964 performance on The Ed Sullivan Show remains one of the most iconic television moments in the medium’s history.  Just how special is this item?  The estimated price is only available upon request.  Needless to say, this item will definitely sell for well over $1 million.

For a complete listing of all the items up for grabs, you can check out all of the lots at




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