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Doobie Brothers Suing Cover Band

The latest lawsuit in the world of classic rock finds The Doobie Brothers going after a cover band. 

Per Courthouse News Service, Doobie Brothers Corp. and Doobro Entertainment filed a trademark suit this past Friday (July 24th) against the Doobie Decibel System, a classic rock cover band made up of Roger McNamee and Jason Crosby.  The Doobie Brothers are citing that the Doobie Decibel System name is “highly phonetically and visually similar to” there’s

Once you add the fact that they also trademarked “Doobie Brothers” and “Doobies” in 1982 and that DDS has been contacted since May about the trademark issue, you can see why a suit was filed.

Here’s where this situation gets really interesting:  The Doobie Brothers are seeking “an accounting, an injunction and punitive damages for trademark infringement, false designation of origin and unfair competition.”  According to Billboard, McNamee also happens to be the co-founder of Silver Lake Partners and Elevation Partners, which are multi-billion dollar private equity firms.  Oh, and the other co-founder of Elevation Partners happens to be U2’s Bono.

Long story short:  This dude has some serious bank.

DDS has yet to respond to the lawsuit.




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