Photo by Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images

Happy Birthday, Roger Daltrey!

Behind his blue eyes, Roger Daltrey of The Who is an all-around talented performer, and on his birthday today, we’d like to take a look back on his accomplishments!

After he left school, Daltrey became a steel worker and began a little side project with childhood friends Pete Townshend and John Entwistle called The Detours in 1961.  With the addition of drummer Keith Moon to that group, they changed their name to The Who (much to the confusion of early fans) and quickly found success in England.

Known for his on-stage swagger and lasso-style microphone swinging, Daltrey became the charismatic mouthpiece for Townshend’s iconic lyrics, not to mention one of the biggest sex symbols of the era.

Daltrey is also quite the actor! The rocker showed us his acting chops for the first time in the film version of The Who’s 1969 rock opera TommyHe has gone on to star in countless other film and TV projects over the years.

Today, Daltrey is well known for his humanitarian efforts, including establishing a concert series for charity at London’s Royal Albert Hall in 2000 and singing for The Concert For Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden in 2012.

And although Daltrey has had many solo ventures in his life he has never left The Who too far behind. The band had their most watched performance ever in 2010 as the halftime act for Super Bowl XLIV.

With The Who celebrating their 50th anniversary with a massive world tour, Daltrey's 71st year is looking to be one of his busiest!