Turn Negative Trait Into A Strength

Being an impulsive person certainly has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to eating, in my case. But, as I try and battle my way back again to better fitness, I’m trying to positively embrace some of my traits that can cause failure.

I’ve never been a “planner”, someone who schedules a hair cut or other appointments, with a few exceptions. I do go to the doctors and I always go to the Beanpot! 


So, even though I’ve been better at making appointments to work out with Anthony Morando at Mike Boyle Stength and Conditioning, www.bodybyboyle.com, I’ve come up with a solution that will improve me success rate. In the past, I’d be driving home and feel like working out, but didn’t have my workout gear with me. I’d go home, get side tracked, etc. SO, I went out and bought about a dozen new t-shirts (cheap) and some shorts and workout pants. I have a bunch of new socks, too. I have 7 or 8 complete and different sets of workout clothes. Then I got two pairs of my sneakers and I threw EVERYTHING in my gym bag and put it in my car.

Now, when I’m on my way home and the urge hits me, I’m ready to go. Sounds odd to some, but it works for me. After my workout, I put the dirty clothes in a plastic bag and take them home, put my sneakers in the vented section of my workout bag, and I’m ready to go again.

I can never complain about not have workout gear when I need it. In the meantime, I’m washing the other stuff and getting it ready to go back in with the other clean workout clothes.

Maybe I’m just dumb, but I’d never really thought of doing that.

If you ever want to join me for a workout at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, email me at [email protected] and you can be my guest for a session. You will LOVE it!