Preparing For Successful Holiday Eating


Go shopping at any mall, shopping center or even on-line and there it is: Christmas and the holidays.

Holidays are steeped in traditions surrounding food. Halloween kicks off the gluttonous 62 day stretch between October 31 and New Year's Eve. Thanksgiving rolls right in three weeks later and then it's off to the races for Christmas, Channukah, holiday parties and their respective leftovers.

Most people look at January 2nd as the date when they'll get back on track with better eating and exercise. They have a lot of time until the warm weather rolls around  and that security blanket gives them a false sense of hope. How many times have you asked yourself in April - "Why didn't I work out over the winter?"

As many of you know.....I live on the weight loss roller coaster. I'm not proud of it, but I haven't given up. I'm planning ahead to give myself the opportunity to succeed during the holidays, instead of sabbotaging myself with poor decisions. Having good food around is the only way to succeed. I've gotten into the habit of eating healthy snacks when I want to binge. I'll eat a couple of protein bars and a couple pieces of fruit. Once I'm full, I'm thrilled it wasn't two Snickers, a half bag of oreos and a pint of Ben and Jerry's. I've really struggled the last two weeks, but I feel I've gotten through the rough patch and still lost weight. Some days, I'm really hungry. I've been able to go back to the basics and they continue to be the backbone to better health. Drink lots of water, eat a lot of protein, fruits and vegetables and continue to exercise.

Remember on Seinfeld when George Costanza starts to do the opposite of what he normally does in certain situations. Well, that's what I'm trying to do. When I'd ordinarily fall off the wagon and get away from basics, falling into an endless cycle of bingeing, I'm now regrouping much quicker. It's the Costanza way. I'm doing the opposite of what I used to do. The old way NEVER worked. The new way does and even if I don't FEEL like doing it.....I DO. When those bingy feelings pass, I feel better physically and, especially, mentally.

Set your self up to succeed during the holidays and it will be the best present you could ever receive.

The gift of health can be yours this holiday. Jingle all they to the gym and those smaller jeans will be under the Christmas tree.