To Go Or Not To Go And Workout!

I’m 47 years old and have spend 40 years with a weight problem. I’ve had varied degrees of success losing weight, but I’ve always managed to put it back on. I AM that broken record that always keeps playing. It always skips at the same spot. I know that “I skip”, yet I always hold onto that same, old record. I NEED to find a way to go “digital”, or get rid of the “broken record” that is my weight struggle.

I do know this: when I am out of control and overeating, I am all or nothing at all. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want and embrace bad behavior. I don’t worry about health at all, although subconsciously it is always there. I’ve asked many times “If I overate, but still went to the gym and worked out, would the cycle change?” The answer is: I don’t know. I’ve never done it.

As someone with ADD and OCD ( Attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder), I am easily thrown off of routine. With the exception of 4-10 am everyday, my work hours, I struggle with order, task completion, attention to detail, etc. It affects every part of my life and my health is no exception. I do know that if I eat well and get adequate rest and exercise, I am more successful in all areas of my life. My greatest focus now is to keep repeating the good behaviors, but staying cognizant that I have to always work on them. When I get complacent, I fall back to my old ways. Stress takes me out of my rhythm. I know that the consistency and rhythm is was breeds that success, but stress makes making good decisions more difficult for me. It’s the hiccup in my brain that won’t stop. But, I know it’s there.Hank and Stanley

I have been extremely lucky to have Mike Boyle, Bob Hanson, Anthony Morando and the great people at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning who have helped me immensely, offer me support, education, opportunity, their world class facility and friendship. Mike and Bob are business partners and Anthony is their top trainer. They never judge me about my weight, my mental approach or anything else. They are considered “BEST PRACTICE” in the strength and conditioning world. I like to brag about them because they are world famous, yet they are humble, successful, positive people who care about others. That’s probably why they got to be the number one gym in the United States. They care first and then show you the most effective methods of training, eating, sustaining health and better living.

I’ve been able to creep back to better eating and exercising habits in the last month at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. They’ve known me at 375 pounds, 248, 315, 230 and 310. They know me well. They are friends. We know each others families, socialize and laugh a lot. Mike has a great saying: If you parents gave you one car and it was the only one you’d have in your lifetime, you’d take good care of it!” Treat your body like that!

I’m back to the point that no matter what is going on in my life with my family, friends, work, etc., that re-dedicating myself to my health has to be one of my priorities. If I don’t work out or eat right or I do go the gym, those “stressors” still exist. Knowing that better health and exercise habits will only improve my life, is what I try and focus on everyday.

So, as many times as I’ve failed, I still feel like I will conquer my weight loss demons and I invite you to try and conquer yours. I’m having fun again and hopefully so will you.

Please follow along with “Hank’s Big Adventure”. I’ve always looked at the most successful people as those who’ve tried and failed the most, so they know more than everyone else.

Good luck! Email me any questions or comments to Hmorse