Be Better For The Holidays!

Christmas is less than three months away, Thanksgiving is less than two months away and I'm fatter than I've been all year. It doesn't feel good! But, I remember a few years back when I had lost weight, I enjoyed the holidays so much more. So, I've decided that I will focus on being better with my eating, exercising and sleeping starting - NOW!

Most people go through the holidays in gluttonous fashion and close out the year feeling lousy. It's understandable. There is so much food, liquor and frivolity that sets us up for failure.

This year, I figure I'll drop some weight, excersice more and rest up in the next few months. When the time comes, I'll be in better shape, mentally and physically, and enjoy the holidays more. I'll head into the new year
on a positive note and try and build on that success.

If you start now, the hustle, bustle and bigger belt buckle won't be as bad as it might have been!

That will be a gift we can all enjoy!