Sleep Off The Pounds!

Hi folks! Hope summer was great to you and your pants that fit in April still fit now!

Mine don’t!

You know me... obsessive compulsive, all or nothing, food addict. Sugar, to me, is like cocaine. Not good! I’ve been kidnapped for the last year. As many times as I’ve lost and gained, lost and gained, etc…..when I’m in the middle of a free fall it’s tough to get out of.

I did notice two things on vacation. I took a couple of short walks, about a mile each. Then, because I didn’t have to go to work, I slept in. I got at least 8 hours of rest per night. All of a sudden, I realized I was eating nearly as much. It didn’t take much effort, either. I did some research and found sleep deficit plays a HUGE role in weight gain.

Sleep deprivation

So, for the next week, track your sleep. See if it makes a difference and let me know. I bet it will. Add in some exercise and lots of water and see the results!!

I, for one, know how hard practical application is! Set your mind to try this beginning this weekend. Sleep 8 hours, exercise a bit and drink a lot of water.

Send me your results at [email protected]