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#BrianBellBuster - Pool Water Call

Tune in to the Brian Bell Buster every morning on the :50's with The Loren & Wally Show! Robert has been getting prices to fill the new swimming pool. His wife, Denise, wants to get him a Brian Bell Buster for his birthday. We called Robert with some innovative ways to fill up that new pool! 

Cruel Summer: A Cautionary Tale About Spay Tans

Is your adult child still living with you?  Hank had an interesting experience watching the Celtics in the bathroom.  We have some tips on how to get your kid to move out.  Dana Barros calls in after the incredible Celtics win last night.  Listen to LBF’s cautionary tale about getting a spray tan.  Indiana Jones…

5 Great Existing Songs Used As TV Themes

Bob Dylan celebrates his birthday today (May 24), and while he’s viewed as someone who provided a soundtrack for a generation, he’s also one of many artists who’ve provided the soundtrack to a TV series, namely its theme song.