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6 Gene Wilder Film Lines For The Ages

Legendary actor Gene Wilder has died at the age of 83 after a private battle with Alzheimer's disease.  Wilder's illustrious career has yielded so many memorable film moments and lines that, frankly, are timeless.  In honor of his life, here's 6 Gene Wilder film lines for the ages.

SEE: Hank's Back-To-School Memories!

I still get excited...and a little bit anxious...about "Back-to-school" season!!! (The picture of me holding my precious lunch is from September, 1976, heading to fifth grade and Miss Kearn's class at the Davenport School, in Medford) It's a fresh start, a chance to see some old friends, and usually means a new wardrobe! Try as…

VIDEO: Wally Watching Windmills And Eating

Check out Captain Wally cruising by the Block Island Wind Farm What boat snacks do you think Wally brings with him? You have to see it to believe it... Wally out on his boat reminds us of this scene from Trading Places...Looking Good Wally! TRADING PLACES - Looking good Billy ray (HD) CHUCKBALLER HD MOVIE CLIPS…